LC Takes to the Snow

College snow day activities thrive in the aftermath of winter storm Jonas

     By Alexa Nash
UPDATE: March 29, 2016

     The first blizzard of the season hit the central Virginia area Jan. 22, and brought eight and a half inches of snow for Lynchburg College  snow day traditions.

    “One tradition I take part in each year is that me and my friends go sledding on anything we can find; cardboard boxes or tote container tops. It’s just crazy and fun,” senior Tia Garner said.

     Transportation is on the mind of senior Danny Czerkawski.

    “Every time it snows, and I know this sounds kinda nuts, but I always wake up super early. I’ll have a nice leisure morning and then go out and clean off my car even though I’m not going to drive it,” Czerkawksi said. He also emphasized getting outside to enjoy the day off.   

      “Everyone should be outside to experience the snowpocalypse and what nature has to offer,” he said.

  Charles Clark, a first-year, said LC snow traditions have yet to take hold, but had a new idea.

    “I think it would be cool if we started the tradition to make a lot of snowmen on the Dell, like, cover the entire Dell with snowmen. It’s hopefully something that me and my friends can start,” Clark said.

     Junior Megan Kaplowitz said she likes to lie in her bed and watch Netflix. 

    Sophomore Jacob Elder said that he and his housemates like to find new video games to play when they are snowed in, as well as being productive.

    “I normally try and practice [clarinet and piano] as much as I can when it snows since I have literally all day to do it,” Elder said.

    Residence Life Housing Coordinator Rhonda Johnson said she has seen quite a few snowstorms at LC, and shared an office tradition.

    “We do the office challenge! We try to determine when schools will close and when and how much snow we’re going to get and when we get to come back to school,” Johnson said.

LC closed Friday, Jan. 22 and Monday, Jan. 25, and resumed a normal schedule by Wednesday, Jan. 27.

Watch video from the weekend.

Contributions by Mike Lewis, Sarah Irby and Lynn Walsh. 

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LC Takes to the Snow

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