Sanders on the Virginia Ballot

 Supporters for the democratic candidate create grassroots movements before Virginia primary

By Alexa Nash

UPDATE: 4/12/16

photo 3_edit
Lynchburg for Bernie Sanders group hosts voter registration at Kegney Brothers Irish Pub Feb.3. Photo by Alexa Nash.

Grassroots movements have erupted in support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in swing state Virginia.

A local movement is Blue Ridge for Bernie Sanders, and includes areas surrounding Roanoke. According to the group’s Facebook page, Sanders is “the most liberal mainstream candidate in a long time,” a candidate that, they claim, is appealing to moderate voters.

“Bernie is leading the way on both common sense solutions and on fixing the system,” one post said. “If he can make just a little progress, that’s reason enough to support him, even if we don’t agree with him on all the partisan issues.”

Virginian Sanders supporters are hopeful that he pulls away with the delegates by increasing awareness through canvassing.

Omar Ott, a member of the group, took part in canvassing.

“We go around and talk about who Bernie is, what his issues are, and get people interested in voting for him,” Ott said.

The only issue he found was the lack of knowledge about Sanders in the Lynchburg area.

“If people aren’t connected over social media, they don’t really know who Bernie is,” Ott said. He estimated that 80 percent of residents did not know about Sanders. However, the feedback about the candidate was positive.

“We’re trying to rally as much as we can because we’re big Bernie fans,” Lynchburg for Bernie Sanders group member Emily Yinder said.

Opponent Hillary Clinton took the win over Sanders in the Virginia primary.


Sanders on the Virginia Ballot

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