Pledge the Pocket Change

Senior gift-giving after graduation will move from three pledges to one.

Edits by: Alexa Nash

Before graduation, Lynchburg College seniors are bombarded by requests to donate money back to the school after graduation by the Alumni Office, Annual Fund and SERVE Office.

Students now give under one pledge which combines the three groups.

“Combining them makes it more clear that the pledge is a non-binding contract to give the school a certain amount of money starting a year after they graduate,” Senior Class President Melissa Richards said.

Typical pledges are $25 to $30 per year, Richards said.

According to, the donation to the Annual fund “ensures the next generation of LC students succeed in a global society.”

Richards said that this class has 499 graduates, and over 100 have pledged.

The donations to the Annual Fund covers extra costs not paid for by tuition.

“I think the seniors that pledge feel like LC has given them so much and the least they can do is give $25 per year to a college that has done so much for them,” Richards said.


Editor’s Statement

The lead has been changed to set the scene before going on to talk about a topic that may not be compelling to the audience. The story has been reorganized to keep the main focus on the new gift-giving plan.

Pledge the Pocket Change

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