Senior Art Showcase Sendoff

Art students present their final thesis projects to the LC community

By Alexa Nash

April 15, 2016

At the heart of the Lynchburg College Art Department are seniors that will showcase their talent for the last time in the Daura Gallery. Five Graphic Design majors and two Studio Art majors, will display their final projects in The Senior Art Show April 19. Each of the semester-long projects has a unique approach native to its creator.

Taylor Haney, a senior graphic design major, created The Wrench Girl Project, a blog centered on female car enthusiasts and highlights an aspect of the automotive world that is often underrepresented.

“My vision of it was that I really wanted to inspire women to not be afraid to work on cars and show women that are already doing it, and therefore inspire them to kind of do the same and take it upon themselves to learn what that means,” Haney said. She had bandanas with her blog’s logo on it, and a model wearing it Rosie the Riveter style in her poster series. It is a nod to the World War II era, when women empowerment was at a peak while the men were at war. Now, Haney said, the women are at war with society.

Haney won a silver ADDY at the American Advertisement Federation Awards in Roanoke this semester for The Wrench Girl Project, and it proved that the work she did was beneficial.

“More than anything it’s about women empowerment and the female car enthusiast and someone who is really passionate about what they do, because the women I represent are very passionate,” Haney said.

Senior Damien Harris took on rebranding LC to include “university” which created quite a frenzy around campus during the fall semester. He said that he felt he had a duty to be up-to-date on what’s happening around campus as a designer.

“I felt as if people would react better to the visual components that I’ve created better than just an idea. It was a ‘buzz’ around campus, so I accepted the voiced concerns of my fellow students and faculty and created this project, Harris said.

As for his future in the field, Harris said that he was skeptical because of the difficulty of logo creation in graphic design.

“This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Harris said. “After seeing the finished product, I can say, all of the hard work, time and stress put into the work, it is all worth it.”

He also noted that his peers in the major have become a family, and that helped him through his project.

Senior Jacob Laverty focused on “the rise of communicative technology and how it’s affecting our face-to-face communication.” The purpose of his project was to make people more aware of how much they were using technology, such as phones, which adds to social anxiety.

“We are more keen to talk to someone over the Internet before we would start a formal conversation with someone. My goal isn’t to make people stop using their phones or other technologies but to be aware of excessive usage,” Laverty said.

The only 3D art student this spring is Elizabeth Dawson, who decided to focus on ceramic mixed media totems. Her theme was deer bones because of her interest in the “beauty within death,” and modeled the bones instead of using organic pieces.

“So it’s safe to say that the words hoarder, scavenger and treasure-seeker can all accurately describe me,” Dawson said. Since ceramics can be difficult to deal with, Dawson said that she had to “get out of a few pickles this semester” by using her problem-solving skills.

As her last semester wraps up, she wanted to thank all of her instructors and art faculty.

“I thank them for ‘modeling’ me into the artist I am today, especially my favorite, Richard Pumphrey!” Dawson said. “After all the blood, sweat, and tears, literally, the two ceramic sculptures I made were accepted by the art faculty to be exhibited in the gallery, so I’m definitely a happy camper!”

The Showcase opened at 4 p.m. April 19 in the Daura Gallery and will run until May 6.



Senior Art Showcase Sendoff

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