Evolution of Agriculture

A One-Minute Documentary

By Alexa Nash

April 28, 2017

Evolution of Agriculture

Find the Right Fit

A map locating public, K-12 STEM programs in Virginia

 By Alexa Nash

April 5, 2017


Click on the red points on the map to discover the K-12 STEM programs in the state of Virginia. The descriptions feature the address, website and the percent of females enrolled at the respective school. Some data points were unable to be recovered, so the map will be continually updated.


TBD= To Be Determined; updates needed.


  1. http://www.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/career_technical/gov_academies/academies/index.shtml
  2. https://www.stemschool.com/schools/virginia
Find the Right Fit

Inclusivity for all?

Monument Avenue 10K strives to include the disability community, but disappoints some parents

By: Charlotte Rene Woods and Alexa Nash

with reporting from Gillian Bullock and Diana DiGangi

UPDATE: April 5, 2017

featured photo monument ave. 10k
Disabled runners wearing Sportables swag prepare to participate in the race. Sportables is an adaptable sports athletic organization based in Richmond that helps disabled athletes get the tools and equipment they need to participate and compete in sports. Photo by Gillian Bullock.

RICHMOND, Va. –Every spring, there comes a day that 6.2 miles of Richmond’s roads are filled with runners, joggers, walkers and people with disabilities, who are determined to participate with the aid of wheelchairs and jogging strollers. However, some participants feel there are some restrictions that prohibit true inclusivity.

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Inclusivity for all?